Tuesday, October 16, 2012

OliveBox...I'm in love

I LOVE receiving a card in the mail...actually, I LOVE receiving anything in the mail : )  

I LOVE pretty paper and boxes of stationary.  

And I  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE journals.  

So, when I learned of OliveBox- a subscription service for paper lovers, I instantly fell in love with the idea. OliveBox is a company created by Grace Kang, founder of the Pink Olive boutique in NYC.  With a OliveBox subscription, you will receive a monthly box full of unique and wonderful items such as stationary, cards, books, artwork, etc.  "Each box will have a surprise theme and will include goodies that have been transformed by the beauty of paper."

With many subscription options available, OliveBox would make a great gift for a special someone...or a wonderful gift for the hardest working person you  know...YOU.  I know I would love to come home and find this box of goodies on my doorstep.  You can find out more here.

(all pictures are by Alice Gao and are from the OliveBox website)

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