Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Garage Girls: Workout #45


Sometimes...don't you wish you could do exactly that.  

I have been feeling a little under the weather lately and have had to take the last week pretty easy.  Even though I am not feeling much better, I hate feeling as if circumstances are out of my, I am going to give it my all today.  And no matter how unpleasant it is while I am doing it, I hope the way I feel afterwards will make up for it : ) Cheers!


       run 400m

      Workout:  ( 2x for time)

       30 jump squats
       10 sit-ups
       30 tricep dips
       10 push-ups
       30 reverse lunges (15 each leg)
       10 sit-ups
       30 leg raises
       10 push-ups
       30 box jumps
       10 sit-ups
       30 side bridge dips
       10 push-ups
       30 jumping pull-ups
       10 sit-ups

...and here is another great workout song-

Have fun : )

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