Monday, October 8, 2012

Food truck series: Papi Queso

I have always been intrigued by food trucks.  I think it started with the infamous summertime favorite- the ice cream truck peddling cool treats during the hottest time of day.  And then it evolved into the carnival/circus/ theme park food truck offering the greasiest American pastimes like funnel cake and corn dogs.

My interest was piqued the more I heard about the explosion of food trucks here in Charlotte.  The evolution of the food truck has been amazing, because now the food that is offered can truly be called cuisine.  I have been inspired to start a new series for Fall - each week, I will be featuring a new food truck located in the Charlotte, NC area with my favorite food finds.

And so we begin-

First up is Papi Queso- a food truck devoted entirely to grilled cheese.  It is fairly new on the food truck scene, but they have made quite a splash.  We had to wait 45 minutes for our sandwiches- the line was backed up 20 feet.

It was well worth the wait though : ) 

 Here is what we ordered:

Isabella had the "Big Cheesy" which was American, Provolone and Medium Cheddar grilled to perfection...

 ...and I had the "Leek and Mushroom" grilled cheese- Gruyere, truffle robiola, leek confit and roasted mushrooms.  I can not tell you how good it was- wonderful combination of flavors and the bread was buttery golden.  Yum, Yum!

One of the sides you can get to accompany your grilled cheese is Truffle kettle chips which are fried in truffle oil and sprinkled with parmesan. rosemary and lemon. They are definitely not your run of the mill chip- very deserving of their place beside a gourmet grilled cheese.

Here is Papi Queso's menu which offers some very innovative combinations.  I personally can't wait to try the "French Onion" ...and I may have to skip dinner all together and go right for the "Dessert Melt".  My mouth is watering just reading the description.  

You can check out Papi Queso's facebook page to find out where they will be located day to day.

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