Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hello again...here's what I have been up to lately

So I took a break...a 4 month long break.  

I haven't completely disappeared, even though it has felt that way more than a few times in the past couple of months. It wasn't a conscious decision to be absent from the blogosphere for so long, as much as I was drawing a blank...granted, a very big blank... over what was inspiring me.

Breaking my foot...and the subsequent sequestration from the rest of the world...and the inability to do anything for myself...let alone diy house projects... made me realize that I needed to take some time and reevaluate what was making me happy at that moment.  I started...and completed...the #100HAPPYDAYS challenge and I can truly say that... life has been full of "happy" lately : )  I find myself with a lot to share all of a sudden.  It could be the fact that I did not post anything for four months...could be.

I do hope  to jump back into angenuity, because I have truly missed it.  That being said, I am so grateful for the uninterrupted time I had with my girls this Summer.  The time I had with them and the memories we made will be a lifelong treasure for me...and hopefully for them too : )

So, here is a peak into what I have been up to lately through my #100HAPPYDAYS lens...

     With a little help from Isabella, we perked up the front porch

     My vanilla iced coffee was a rare treat when I was house bound

     Margaritas at sunset

     Being able to drive after 10 weeks was soooooo nice

     Isabella's movie night birthday party was a huge success...you may just see it pop up on the blog soon

     Dinner outside...yes please : )

     A return to work...a very happy day

     Gathering artwork for my dining room gallery wall...you may see this soon too : )

     A week in the mountains...full of water, sun and plenty of relaxation

     Summer movies with two of the sweetest girls

     Learning patience at a train stop.  Perfect time to sing my favorite song at the top of my lungs : )

     Fostering a love of the classics early

     Date night at SOUL Gastrolounge...sooooo gooood

     What's not to love about live music and glow in the dark hula hoops?

      Worth the hike...even though I may not have thought so while I was doing it : )

     Love me some Sputnik : )

     Waiting in line with Clint is never boring

     Bella and I could have watched this guy for hours...quite a good mending job

     When was the last time you flew a kite?

     Deer in our front yard at the beach. Every...single...day.  Loved it.

     An annual beach staple...and so good every time

     New beach...new mode of transportation

     Found my mid century dining chairs...you will definitely see these guys again soon : )

     Isabella and her hot pink tail. It made every excursion a little more interesting this Summer

Just a few of my happy moments from the #100HAPPYDAYS challenge. I hope you have had a wonderful Summer and I can't wait to share some of the DIYs I have been up to lately : )

Until then....

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