Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Apple picking in the mountains...

The mountains in Fall are beautiful...but, apple picking in the mountains during Fall is amazing.  We drove up to the Sky Top Apple Orchard in Flat Rock, NC on a beautiful day and enjoyed all Fall had to offer.  About 8 different varieties of apples were being harvested while we were up there.  Some of our favorites includes Pink Lady, Granny Smith and Black Arkansas (which was Jason's favorite).

We walked through rows and rows of apple trees looking for the best apples to fill our baskets...

 ...and met some new friends along the way.

 Sometimes, the signs were "counter-intuitive"- Jason's favorite word : )

We searched high and low, and inevitably, high was where we found them.

And creative was what we had to be...

By the end of the day, we had found plenty of apples to take home with us.

Up the mountain, we went again.

The kids loved seeing how the orchard was harvested and how the best apples were picked out of the bunch to be sold. 

For a job well done, we treated ourselves to some fresh apple cider doughnuts.  They were sooooo good. 

 I can not wait start fixing some of my favorite recipes when we get home- apple crumble, apple chips, apple dumplings, apple sauce and apple cake...to name a few : )

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