Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Isabella's "movie night" birthday...a bit belated

Okay...so Isabella's birthday was a few months back...and I am just now posting it.  I should probably just let it go, but it was such a fun night, that I wanted to share it with you : )

My girls' birthdays are exactly 6 months apart from each other, and inevitably, as soon as one party is being cleaned up, the other child is telling me what they want their next party to be.  Isabella blurted out "movie night" pretty quick, and surprisingly, stuck with it.   

I was dealing with my broken foot in the month leading up to her birthday, so I did have to revise some of my plans.  First things first...we needed a theater : )

I borrowed a tent...more like a sun shelter...and set it up in the back yard.  It was 10'x10' which I was pretty confident would be able to contain a dozen little ones.  I bought some drapes from IKEA- two blue drapes and two lace drapes.  I created a swag over the entrance with the lace, and I clipped the blue drapes to the corners of the tent, to make an entrance. This photo was an in progress shot...leaving the swag valance like that would have driven me crazy.

Jason borrowed a screen from work, and he was solely responsible for all sound/movie/electrical needs. I have no clue about any of it. Once again, soooo thankful that he helps execute all the crazy ideas I come up with!

We considered many different options for seating, but in the end, bales of hay with my grandmothers' quilts tossed over them, won out.  They were the perfect height for the kiddos and three grouped together could hold 6 kids.  

I knew I wanted some marquee signs, because every proper theater has marquee signs right? 

I decided to make two- one for the front of the house...

...and one for the concession stand. These guys were pretty easy...but time-consuming...to make.  Materials needed: foam core board, exacto knife, outdoor globe string lights and paint.  I LOVED them, even though I was gritting my teeth by the time I got done.  

To create the concession stand, I put an old door on top of a console table, and attached a thin curtain rod to the bottom of the door.  Using some extra clip rings I had hanging around, I hung pink corduroy material to cover the front of the console and to add a little "candy counter" feeling.  

Using vintage wood crates, I bagged up common theater food, with some healthier options thrown in : )  Pretzels, goldfish, popcorn (buttered and kettle corn), skittles, twizzlers, gummi bears, tootsie rolls and of course, whoppers.

When we have a party, we usually serve a meal, and this time Isabella chose a burger bar!  I was super excited about this idea.  We had three types of burgers- Hawaiian burger with grilled pineapple, sauteed onions, lettuce and hoison sauce, Guacamole burgers with guacamole, of course, fresh salsa and pepper jack cheese, and Southern style with chili, slaw, diced onions and mustard.  We also had fresh fruit, veggies and dip, chips and pasta salad.  

Please forgive the photo.  I was slowed down this go round and didn't get a good pic before it was time to eat.

We served punch and lemonade in mason jars to the kids.  I swear, I use those things at every party. It's so easy, just change the paper on top and tie a different ribbon to match each party.

Adult drinks were served in a wheel barrow : )

And that is all the set-up.  Now on to the fun part! The kiddos jumped right into the rope swing while we grilled up the burgers...

...and they played with the gigantic balloons...

And they snacked on some stolen goldfish from the concession stand : )

After chowing down, it was time for cake! Isabella requested ice cream cake, so Nutella Cruch Cake was the obvious choice.  It was super good and VERY easy to make.

And as it was getting dark, it was time to make selections from the concession stand.

Each child was given 4 tickets when they arrived to "buy" some treats.  I WAS trying to control sugar intake... at least a little.

 After selections were made, everyone chose a seat...

 And we started the movie!

We had a great time! Isabella asked me to leave her sign out in the front yard "just a little longer" : ) At two weeks, I took it down.  She still has it sitting in her room though. 

I think we can confidently say another party was a success.  And as we were cleaning up and taking down the tent, Ava says "Mom, I've got it!  I want a Frozen party!"  Shaking my head : )