Saturday, January 25, 2014

The Friday Five...

All of this week's five came from a spur of the moment day trip to the mountains to find snow.  Jason and I looked at the forecast on Monday...saw that there was a 90% chance of snow in the mountains on Tuesday...and we were on our way earlier Tuesday morning.  I LOVE taking the kids on mini adventures when they least expect it.  It keeps us young : )

{ a little light reading for our road trip to the mountains }

{ When your children steal your shoelaces to play cat's cradle...
you may be forced to steal the strings from their Melissa & Doug stitching cards : )  }

{ Isabella found it a little difficult to move her head naturally once she had all of her cold
weather gear on. I couldn't look at her without thinking of "Randy" from A Christmas Story } 

{ Snow...we found it...and it was COLD! 
The girls were troopers though and fun was had by all!  }

{ One of my favorite photos of our trip...
perfect representation of how pretty and how sad COLD can be at the same time }

What are Your Five?

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