Friday, November 9, 2012

The Friday Five...

This is the time of year, that I have a ton of things I want to make...a ton of recipes I want to bake...and I can't seem to get any of it done.  Every year around the middle of October, a whirlwind possesses our family until the middle of January.  I told myself I was going to do better this year, but so far...not so much.  I do see some potential though...and sometimes the Friday Five reminds me that even though I don't always feel successful in my day, there are lots of good moments along the way.

{ first hot cocoa of the season...even better with kettle corn butter cookies. YUM. }

{ Finally...I have found a fabric to recover my vintage desk chair }

{ The election is over...and I am excited about no more campaign ads for four more years...or at least three }

{ ...getting a jump start on Christmas...feels earlier every year }

{ my new favorite and absolutely non-stick baking cups : )  }

What are Your Five?

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