Monday, November 12, 2012

Can't Wait!!! : Warm Bodies


I am familiar with fact they are a common theme in our family.  Jason and I are obsessed with "The Walking Dead" on AMC, we own "Zombieland" and "28 Days Later" and watch them regularly....and here is a a bit of info I deliberately don't share with many people...Jason kills zombies 2-3 times a weeks with a few work friends- in a video game...of course.

So, I was super excited to see a movie coming out that tells a different side of the zombie story- the zombie's story.  I think it is going to be funny, maybe a bit gory, but definitely funny.  I am on board for anything Nicholas Hoult- the awkward kid from "About a Boy" does.  Anyone who can do awkward that well...will definitely be able to make us love an introspective zombie.  Can't Wait!!! 

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  1. Ok so I watched the trailer then text my man to do the same, thanks for sharing it looks awesome!

    (And yes Nicholas Hoult even as a Zombie looks hot, what gives?!?)

    1. No problem : ) I LOVE movies that show a different perspective to something we all know so well.

      And Nicholas Hoult...another hot Englishman who can do American so well. No complaints here : )