Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Color Run Charlotte 2012

The Color Run took place this past Saturday in Charlotte. It was very cold...and very windy..and very fun : )  I was not sure what to expect, but I can tell you that there were a ton of people, all dressed in white, and all consumed by a somewhat eager and frantic anticipation.  The run was held around the Charlotte Motor Speedway, so the logistics, such as parking, were convenient.

Hundreds of people lined up waiting their turn at the starting line.  You could hear the music from the parking lot, and you could hear the excited yelling of the participants as each new wave began the run.  

I ran with two other ladies...and as you can see our race numbers were in the 3000's.  We saw people up in the 50,000's along the course. 

People watching and observing some of the outfits was one of the highlights for me.  It truly was a happy run. 

I had two little cheerleaders on the sidelines cheering me on...

...and thankfully Jason had brought along some hot chocolate to help keep them warm.


I did not have my camera with me during the run, but this shows what going through the color stations was like.  You could get as much color or as little color as you wanted.  I personally, held up my arms, held my breath and let them douse me in powder.  It only takes about 15 seconds

At the finish line, there was a color toss that happened every 15 minutes.  This is what it looked like in the midst of it...

...and this is what it looked like a little further back. 

Some takeaways from this one-of-a-kind run-

I was determined to be coated in color, but the fact that it was so cold, made it so that no one was hot or sweaty during the race which kept the color from sticking to our skin.  The wind was so strong, that as soon as you ran through a color station, and began running the course again, the color floated away.  It was kind of cool watching people as they ran, they looked as if a cloud was following them as the color burst from their clothes as each foot fall met the pavement. 

Another thought for future runners-  this is a run...not a race.  It is also a 5k which does not last very long.  Go to this run with the intention of having fun, not the intention of racing to the finish line.  I wish we had taken more time to see people along the way.  In fact, next year, I will take my camera along and spend a little time at the color stations, and make sure to get some good shots of people right after they are doused. 

Even though the color ended up around us, more than on us, I had a great time and I fully intend to do it again next year.

The Color Run will be back in Winston Salem, North Carolina in March, 2013.  Here is the site to visit if you are interested in participating.

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