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Norman Rockwell's "Freedom From Want" inspired by FDR's "Four Freedoms" speech

Art has been intertwined with politics since the day the political process was created.   Whether the artwork has portrayed political leaders in all of their majesty, or if it was meant to satirize and defame them, art has been a prolific tool in molding the public's view of it's leaders.  Here is a look back on some of the most influential and iconic images in political history. 

Shepard Fairey's Obama "Hope" posters

Marc Riboud's photo of an anti-war protest in 1967

J.M. Flagg's 1917 "Uncle Sam" poster

Picasso's anti-war painting - "Guernica"

"Free Al Wei Wei" posters asking for the release of Al Wei Wei, one of the most infamous social activist artists of our time .

Alberto Korda's photo of Che Guevera- an image that has become synonymous with rebellion

J. Howard Miller's "Rosie the Riveter" WWII posters

Andy Warhol's pop art piece "Mao" of the Chinese Communist dictator

Banksy's street art depicting and Israeli soldier being frisked by a young girl. 

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