Monday, November 26, 2012

Garage Girls: Workout #68

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After a long weekend like the one we just had, I feel the need to do something besides eat and eat some more.  I need to recover from the three Thanksgiving meals we consumed...which I think will take a lot longer to work off than it took to eat.

Today is the first of the last 3 Garage Girl workout, with Wednesday's workout being "Murph" and Friday's being our final benchmark workout to see how far we have come in 6 months. 

Let's get started!


      50 jumping jacks

     Workout:  once for time

      run 300m
      50 push ups
      run 300m
      50 jump squats
      run 300m
      50 jumping pull-ups
      run 300m
      50 reverse lunges
      run 300m
      50 weighted sit-ups
      run 300m
      50 box jumps

...and here is another great workout song-

Have fun : )

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