Monday, July 23, 2012

Garage Girls: Workout #15

Today, I reluctantly come crashing back to Earth...something we all do after a couple days away on vacation.  Jason, the girls and I spent a long weekend with family in the North Carolina mountains.  Lots of fun was had ...and lots of eating was done.  So, today may be a little hard, but I know I will be feeling a lot better after this workout than I do right now.

      20 walking lunges
      20 hollow body rock
      20 ring rows

     Workout: (4 rounds for time)

      25 kettlebell deadlift *
      25 push-ups
      25 back squats *
      25 butterfly sit-ups**
      25 jumping pull-ups
      run 400 m

* a couple things- I will be using a 35lb. kettlebell for the deadlifts, and a 45 lb. weight bench bar for the back squats.  If you don't have these, you can always substitute with something else.  I actually learned the back squat using a pvc pipe filled with sand and capped at both ends.  You can also do the deadlift using a dumbbell turned on it's end. 
** use a rolled up hand towel at the base of your back for support

Have fun : )

Okay, so this workout kicked my butt...but, I did feel great after it was done : )  How I feel today is absolutely a different story.  I am sooooo sore.  But, it made me realize that we obviously worked out some areas that we had not been working as hard before.  I think the kettlebell deadlift is the culprit...killer.  You may be seeing more of that guy in the next few weeks : )

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