Friday, July 13, 2012

The Friday Five...

{ Picking Queen Anne's Lace with the girls...the prettiest bouquet we have had in a while }

{ loving my new necklace...I have had an aversion to gold for a while now, but it is slowly working it's way back into my heart.  How can you not love two little birds...sitting in a tree?  }

{ a week without ponytails...and getting a pretty good handle on the top-knot.  Looking forward to the next style in the summer hair series. }

{ the smell of summer - I LOVE the smell of fresh honeysuckle.  A few sprigs in the kitchen makes the whole room smell wonderful. }

{ My purging/cleaning frenzy almost caused a casualty- my "I love nerds" t-shirt.  It was true 20 years's true today- one nerd in particular : )   }

What are Your Five?

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