Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Philip Barlow

green girl walking     Oil on linen, 100cm x 70cm

Philip Barlow is a South African artist who paints the most beautiful "unfocused" paintings.  "Using everyday scenes, [he] explores illuminated moments within our seemingly ordinary lives."  The paintings become more about the light and how it reflects off of objects and people more than the objects and people themselves. 

I LOVE these paintings.  The city...the busyness of the streets...and the actions of ordinary people in their ordinary lives has never been so beautiful.   

Candy in the Sun      Oil on canvas, 50 x 75cm

Wonder      Oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm

Crossing    Oil on canvas, 75 x 100cm

Light Space    Oil on canvas, 50 x 75cm

Radiate       Oil on canvas, 100 x 100cm

Distant City II      Oil on canvas, 140 x 210cm

Misty       Oil on canvas, 75 x 75cm

Strawberry Ice       Oil on canvas, 75 x 100cm

Philip Barlow has also painted a beautiful series of sea paintings you can see here.

(all images via Philip Barlow's official website)

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  1. Very unique perspective. Would love to see them in person :)

    1. Me too!!! Unfortunately...I won't be taking a trip to South Africa or California anytime soon : ) The locations that carry his work are listed under the links tab of his webpage, if you are able to make the trip.

  2. Looks and reads like an Australian artist living in Sydney. What do you think? Check it out: