Friday, July 13, 2012

Garage Girls: Workout #11


Today's workout is called "Love/Hate".  It combines some of my favorite exercises with the one I absolutely HATE.  I will let you guess which is which : )  I have been trying to make Friday's workout be the hardest of the week, so we can have two days to recover.

Just so you know...I am getting a little annoyed at myself as I am typing up today's workout...I think I will rely on the motto above to get me through it : )


     25m jog both ways
     25m high knees one way
     25m butt kicks back
     25m lateral shuffle both ways
     25m karaoke both ways

     Workout: LOVE/HATE ( ***2 rounds for time)

     10 box jumps
     5 burpees
     5 burpees
     30 push-ups
     5 burpees
     40 sit-ups with 8lb ball
     5 burpees
     50 air squat
     5 burpees
     40 jumping pull-ups
     5 burpees
     5 burpees
     20 tricep dips
     5 burpees
    10 box jumps

Have fun and remember burpees suck, but they do work : )

***UPDATE: maybe I was a bit ambitious when I said two rounds.  After looking at my time for the first round, I knew this was going to be our longest and probably our hardest workout so far.  One round took about the same amount of time workout #10 did.  Adjust the number of rounds to your skill level and the amount of time you have to work out.

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I am going to start taking advantage of Jason being home on the weekends to take care of the girls- going to work in a 4th workout starting tomorrow.  These workouts will probably consist of 30 minutes of swimming or running.  Something more focused on endurance instead of speed. 

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