Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Garage Girls: Workout #10


So... Monday's workout was a bit more challenging than I was anticipating : )  I'm sure you guys breezed through it easily though.

I get tired of having to watch the timer, so you won't see many of those workouts on here.  I LOVE the type of workout we are doing today though.  It will consist of 3 rounds for time. You can quickly move through these exercises, but the difficulty comes in the number of rounds we are doing. Fun times  : )


      400 m run

     Workout:  ( 3x for time)
     20 dumbbell squats (air squat holding a dumbbell)
     10 push-ups
     20 alternating reverse lunges
     10 sit-ups
     20 jumping pull-ups
     10 push-ups
     20 kettlebell swings
     10 sit-ups
     20 weighted calf raises (use a dumbbell or a weighted ball)
     10 push-ups

I will be using a 20lb dumbbell during this workout and a 35lb. kettlebell.

Have fun!

I LOVED this workout!  It went quickly, but it was crazy challenging.  I already feel so much stronger than I felt just 3 weeks ago.  Remember you can make these workouts as challenging as you want them to be.  To get the most out of them - try to do them as fast as you can without losing your form. 

I ended up using the 35lb. kettlebell for the squats and calf raises instead of the 20lb. dumbbell.

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