Saturday, August 4, 2012

Photo challenge: "travel" and "favorite color"

Here are the first pictures from the photo challenge.  The plan has changed a bit...I am now posting the photos the day after the challenge.  So, today I am showing both "travel" and "favorite color".  Tomorrow, "trees" and "three things" will be posted...and then we will be all caught up.  

I really love how different all of the images are.  I now appreciate how challenging it can be to stop and think about taking a photo with a subject in mind, but so far, it has been a small way to pause during the day.   

via Kelly

via Angie

via Isabella

via Jason

via Nicole

via Kelly

via Kelly


via "Angie"

via "Nicole"

via Lori

via "Kelly"

via "Jason" : )

via Kelly

Looking forward to seeing what comes next : )

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