Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bele Chere...at a glance

For my birthday, Jason surprised me with a weekend away in Asheville, NC for the Bele Chere music festival. Bele Chere has been held annually since the 1970's with more than 350,000 people attending- it is the largest free music festival in the Southeast.  Jason and I have been to Bele Chere a few times in the past, but not since we've had the girls.  It was an amazing weekend filled with wonderful music and no responsibilities. Heaven, I tell you.  

Here is Bele Chere at a glance...

I had so much fun at Bele Chere...can't wait to go back next year : )

*Two of our favorite artists were ArtOfficial and The Swayback Sisters- completely different groups but crazy talented in their own genres. 

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