Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Garage Girls: Workout #25


Today's workout is made up of short runs combined with 40 rep exercises.  It can be done on any street or on a trail.  None of the exercises require you to be on the ground- I don't know about you, but I do not like doing push-ups on gravel.  All of our warm-up is geared towards our upper body and abs, and the workout is entirely legs.   

My challenge will be whether I can actually make myself 1) get up early while on vacation and 2) get up early and work out.  This will be a very good test of will power. 


     20 push-ups
     20 standing calf raises
     20 leg raises
     20 tricep dips (using a chair, bumper of a car...anything )


     run for 2 min.
     40 reverse lunges (20 each leg)
     run for 2 min.
     40 jumping jacks
     run for 2 min.
     40 mountain climbers
     run for 2 min.
     40 air squats
     run for 2 min.

...and here is another great workout song-

Have fun : )

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