Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Peikwen Cheng

The Burning Man Festival is happening right now in the Black Rock Desert in Nevada.  Every year, thousands descend on the desert and literally create a temporary city in a vast, hard and dry expanse of land.  Peikwen Cheng is a photographer who has been traveling to the Burning Man festival since 2000.  These photos are from his "Lost and Found" series which focuses on his experience "losing the ability to dream and then re-finding it" at Burning Man.

When I first saw these photos, they looked as if they had been taken straight out of a Mad Max film.  The fact that they are of actual people expressing themselves in the most creative and interesting ways in such a desolate place, is simply amazing and somewhat breathtaking.  Cheng's decision to photograph a few people separated from the thousands in the midst of what seems to be dust storms, is ingenious.  Instead of seeing a group of people often thought to be a wee bit crazy, the viewer can appreciate the eccentricities that are responsible for the the beautiful and magical creations in the photographs. 

(all images by Peikwen Cheng and quote from cnn)

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