Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pay It Forward #2: Message in a bottle

Sometimes...inspiration and encouragement can come from the most unexpected places.  That was the idea behind this week's "pay it forward".  Short and sweet words of encouragement can change a person's day...and maybe even their direction.

It started with some of my favorite quotes...ones I have collected throughout the years...ones I look to on days that are harder than most.  I printed the quotes on some pretty paper...

...and cut them into strips. 

I put a small drop of super glue on the end of the paper strip and placed the end of a 3" piece on string into the glue and folded the paper over.

I then rolled the quotation tightly around a toothpick.  

I bought some small corked bottles at a craft store.  These are Tim Holtz brand and can be found at many craft stores. 

I dropped each quote into one of the bottles and then...

...attached a "pay it forward" tag.

When the string is pulled, the message comes uncoiled and can be pulled out of the bottle.

I left some of the bottles as they were, and I tied jute string around a few so that I could hang them, as well as set them on different surfaces.  

Just like last week's "pay it forward", I left these cute message bottles everywhere I went today...with the hope that they find someone who will be just as inspired as I was by the contents inside of them.  

How did you Pay It Forward this week?  

Keep sharing the love : )

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