Monday, February 25, 2013

Can't Wait!!! : "Renoir"

Give me a heart-wrenching...I can not breathe without story.  Give me a beautiful background full of artwork and amazing scenery.  Give me a soundtrack full of hauntingly beautiful classical music.  Give me the passionate French language...with subtitles of course : )  Give me insight into how one of the founders of Impressionism lived.

Give me one of these things, and I am happy.  
Give me all of these things, and I am in heaven. 

My love affair with Renoir started when I was 9 and I asked my mom to buy me the first piece of artwork I was to own- a print of the Renoir painting, "Girl With a Watering Can".  As the years have gone by, my love of art has evolved, but Renoir will always represent the beginning for me.

Renoir!!! I can't wait!

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