Monday, June 4, 2012

Wantist...I'm in love

I have been on the hunt for the perfect Father's Day gift for Jason...something not predictable...not cheesy...not more for me than for him (because, don't we sometimes do that more often than we should? ).

Well, in my search, I came across , and I am now in love with online shopping once again. 

With the simple phrase 
" I'm looking for something _______ for someone_______." 
 the world of catered gift giving has been opened up. 

What I absolutely love:

you can look for something "clever" for someone "athletic"...
or, something "quirky" for someone "geeky"...
or, something "edible" for someone "sophisticated".  

The combinations and the possibilities are endless.  The possible gifts that pop up are always interesting and I have never had so much fun looking for gifts before.

Right now... I am in love with the Boxsal Picnic box   ($25) - 

I love this idea!!!  Big enough to pack a full picnic...absolutely eco-friendly and entirely original. 

"Each Boxsal is roomy enough to pack a bottle of wine, some hors ‘douvres, some nibbles, some sandwiches and more. They also come with fully compostable utensils, plates, cups and napkins."

 "All Boxsal picnic boxes come with one Eatin’ Tool Set that contains the following items:
  • 4 Compostable trays
  • 4 Compostable large bowls
  • 4 Compostable small bowls
  • 4 Compostable utensil sets
  • 4 Compostable cold cups
  • 8 Recycled napkins
  • 1 Compostable trash bag

Boxsal Picnic Boxes come in three designs: Urban Picnic (the one that looks like a boombox), Today’s Date (for a romantic paint-by-numbers picnic), and Office Escape (for a workday rendezvous). "

I will stay quiet about the words I use when looking for Jason. Let me just say... I think he is going to love this Father's Day. Here I go again...onto another person...and another adjective : ) 

( *photos and Boxsal product information taken from the website )

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  1. Such nice words, Angela—thanks so much! Happy to help rekindle your love for online shopping ;)

  2. Thank YOU Brittany! I love your site! I wish you unlimited success : )