Thursday, February 21, 2013

Tiny Confessions...I'm in love

Have you ever looked at your dog or cat, and in that moment, you could tell they wanted to say something to you.  This happens all the time with our dog Jada.  And these days...since she is now an old lady...I imagine she has much more to say.

I came across these adorable art prints today on Etsy, and I had to share.  Tiny Confessions is a series of illustrations that share your pet's most inner thoughts.  The first one I saw was the one above, and I couldn't help but is a thought I have had once or twice before : )  I really love that they will customize the print for you- if you find your pet, but wish they had a different confession, they will change it for you.  Tiny Confessions is the creation of Christoper Rozzi.  You can visit the Tiny Confessions Etsy store here.

A couple of my favorites- the rabbit, the pug and whatever kind of dog the last guy is...I have no idea, but he is really cute : )

(all images via the Tiny Confessions Etsy page)

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