Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My favorite ideas for Valentine's Day...

 Brown bag It
How cute is this? The combinations are endless, and you can use these brown bags for almost any loved one in your life.  Use them for your kid's lunches or as treat bags for dear friends.  Visit The Sweetest Occasion for the free printable.  

Catalog of Love
I love this idea for Valentine's Day...or an anniversary...or for any time you want to show some love to your love.  Grace of Poetic Home decided to make her hubbie a card catalog of all the special moments in their relationship- a perpetual gift, she can keep adding to throughout the years.  You can find the instructions and free printables for this project here at Design Sponge. 

Baked Goods Love
Sweet and simple bag for all your baked goods.  Twig and Thistle was so nice to share their free printable here


Picture it
Ok, so not many of us have bare white walls above our beds, but I am sure there is a spot you can swing this idea.  I think that hanging a mini version of this at their office or inside their cube or on their computer screen would be very sweet.  

Kid-friendly valentines
I don't know about you, but I have gotten a wee bit tired of the cartoon character valentines the kids inevitably pick out at the store.  I have been on the look out for some kid-friendly valentines, so I was so happy to find these sweet and adorable valentines from Pumpkins and Posies. Click here to download the free printable.

Sophisticated Valentines
I love this project not only because the cards are beautiful, but also because you can frame it as art after you have given them to your valentine.   You can find step-by-step instructions here courtesy of Design Sponge.


Paper Heart Garland
You can't get more simple than this.  Strips of 1" paper transformed into festive heart garlands.  I think these would be soooo cute and such a sweet surprise hung up in the kids' doorways on Valentines' Day morning.  Look here for step-by-step instructions.  

Wrap it Up
Love, Love, Love these cup wrappers.  Surprise your valentine with a card they can walk around with.  Visit Eat, Drink Chic to download them for free. 

Valentine Mailboxes
Every year, I try to do something different for the girls for Valentine's Day.  Last year, I made Valentine's Day buckets, but this year, I LOVE the idea of every family member having their own personal mailboxes to receive valentines.  Hop on over to the Anderson Crew to see the full tutorial.

Couch Picnic
I am absolutely in LOVE with this idea.  My all-time favorite Valentine's Day with Jason was when we stayed at home, had a late night dinner of fondu on a blanket while watching "Zombieland".  It was a CRAZY combination of things, but hilarious and fun. 

This cute invite to your significant other courtesy of Eat,Drink,Chic is SOOOOOO cute!  Definite possibility for this year!  Click here for full tutorial. 

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