Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Ron Mueck

I first saw Ron Mueck's work back in 2000, but I am still blown away by his hyper-realistic sculptures.  What I really love is how he plays with scale in every one of his pieces.  From a gigantic newborn baby to a couple spooning on a display cube.  A photograph can not truly do justice to this type of artwork. The magnificence of Mueck's vision is most obvious when you see the spectators walking among the pieces.

Ron Mueck's decision to sculpt people full of flaws make this work much more interesting than if we were looking at a room full of beautiful people.  And often, you see these awkward people in awkward positions- some are naked, some are sleeping, some are performing work naked... which can definitely be seen as a "bad" naked and some are just heads.  No matter what state these people are in, the attention to detail that Ron Mueck has given them is absolutely amazing.  From the whiskers...to the wrinkles...to the splotches of the skin...nothing is left to the imagination. 

Ron Mueck works slowly, so exhibitions of new work happen very rarely, therefore,  I was excited to find out that he will be having an exhibition at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, in Paris,  from April 16th through September 29th, 2013, which will include several previous works and three all new pieces.  

 "Big Man" 2000

"Woman With Sticks" 2005

 "In Bed" 2005

"Spooning Couple" 2005

 "Two Women" 2005

"Boy" 2004

 "Big Baby" 1996

 (images via My Modern Met and designboom)

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