Thursday, February 28, 2013

Pay It Forward #4: Share how you feel...completely

This video by SoulPancake got me thinking...I can not remember when I last told someone ...truly told them what they mean to me.  I give compliments...freely.  I share my feelings... regularly.  But, sharing with someone how their presence in my life has changed me forever...maybe not as often...or ever.

So this is my challenge...and my pay it forward this week.  I will share...truly share...with three people in my life, how they have changed my life forever.   So, I may not have a sound booth and a huge pair of headphones, but I do have a pen and a few pieces of paper.

As I got started with this week's PIF, I realized the reason why I have never done this before.  It is HARD.  One-liner compliments are easy...almost as easy as texting...but thinking about and acknowledging the reasons why you love someone, and telling them is much harder.

...But it is SOOOOOOO worth it.  

I don't know about you, but a blank page completely intimidates me.  I started off by drawing  " i love you..." on the paper.  This simple thing made it easier to start writing. 

I then just wrote...and wrote...and wrote. Maybe not as eloquently as I had hoped, but putting all of my feelings down on paper, made me remember why these people have been so important to me and my life. 

And just as I did while watching this video...I got quite emotional while writing these letters.  Thankfully, Jason has been out of town for work- I was able to write in peace with no one to witness my embarrassing display of emotion : )

Keep sharing the love.

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