Monday, February 4, 2013

Inspiration for Isabella's "big girl" room...

My little girl, Isabella, is almost five and is ready for her "big girl" room.  I have been tossing about ideas for months, but now I think I have a clear direction.  She chose the colors purple and yellow, which at first I cringed at, but when I found the Ray of Sun fabric from Braemore (which you may remember from this diy post), I was suddenly hopeful that I could make both Isabella and me happy.

I want her room to have a mix of modern and traditional details.  Even though the fabrics are a bit mature for her age, I am relying on the artwork, and pops of sunny yellow to lighten the space up.  More than anything, I want this room to grow with her for years to come and reflect her very vibrant personality.

In the coming weeks, we will see if my vision can be accomplished and whether it fulfills everything that Isabella is hoping for.  I have a very anxious little girl who I am sure will be very honest with me...I'm a wee bit scared : )

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