Monday, September 23, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Leandro Erlich

I love Leandro Erlich! The Buenos Aires based artist has become a master of illusion.  For the Paris art complex Le 104′s Perceptions exhibition, Erlich created Bâtiment (Building) which consisted of a facade of a Parisian building built on the floor and a huge mirror that is angled above.  The combination of these two elements is an amazing illusion.  Visitors were invited to interact with the "building" and then see themselves hanging, flying, sitting, climbing in the reflected image above.  Pure genius! There is a true sense of defying gravity within the captured images.  I do not know one kid that would not LOVE to feel like a superhero for a day.  

See the installation here-

Erlich created another facade in London, called the Dalston House.  You can check it out here

(images via My Modern Met)

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