Friday, September 6, 2013

The Friday Five...

Our annual Labor Day camping trip was plagued..or blessed...depending on how you look at rain.  When I think about it, the rain brought out the most amazing greeters for us.  Hundreds of tiny frogs were jumping around our camp site.  The kids had a blast catching them.  I truly have never seen so many frogs in one place before.  It was another first for me...and for our kiddos.  

My Friday Five this week is dedicated to our last HooRah of Summer...

{ We were greeted by hundreds of tiny frogs as soon as we arrived to our camp site. 
At first, I thought they were crickets...but these guys were so much cuter : )  }

{ A rope swing...hours of fun for adults and children alike }

{ One of the most interesting moments of our camping experience, was when the plate of bacon tried to escape.  Turns out this fuzzy critter was the culprit }

{ This moment was definitely the highlight of the trip for me. 
A moment of absolute tranquility and peace }

{ I could not get over the variety of animals we encountered on this trip. 
A wonderful way to enjoy the last few days of Summer }

What are Your Five?

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