Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A Balloon Birthday Party...

This past Saturday was Walter's first birthday!  And we celebrated with balloons...lots and lots of balloons : )  It all began with a balloon banner that welcomed guests and showed them exactly where the party was happening.

Guests were greeted by a table where they could take a guess at what Walt will be when he grows up.  There were small paper balloons for the predictions to be written on. 

Jessica, Walter's mom, hung these cute little cut-outs of Walter's sweet face, with some very festive party hats, over the food table and along the path to the festivities. 

One of the main attractions at the party was the balloon artist, who made the most spectacular balloon animals for all of the kids.  

Guests were invited to "take a seat" in the yard, to enjoy all of the birthday activities. 

And after all of the balloons...and exercise... was time for the cake!

And it's only fair, that if Walt got did Mommy and Daddy : )

A little clean-up was needed...

...and the damage was surveyed

And then, it was time for another adventure.

It was a wonderful, fun-filled day that I am sure left one big boy very tired...

...and his two loving parents absolutely EXHAUSTED : )

Happy Birthday Walt!

***You may remember Walter from when I photographed him and his mom, Jessica, before he had arrived, and then on his birth day, and then again when he had settled into his new home. He is becoming a professional at this : )

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