Monday, September 17, 2012

Here is my question: Do you stop celebrating your dating anniversary when you get married?

 Today is mine and Jason's 19 year is almost our 12th, depending on how you look at it.  When Jason and I got married, we had dated for seven years, and I didn't spend much time thinking about anniversaries...until my first one rolled around.  When people asked me how long we had been married and I said "one year", I felt like I wasn't telling the whole story. That one number totally disregarded the fact that we came together when we were only kids, and we had watched one another change into completely different people by the time we said "I Do".

"One year" does not explain the fact that I have known him since we were eleven...that we started "dating" when I was fifteen and he was sixteen...that we have been there for one another through all of the hurts and the joys.  The day I said "I do" is not the day I committed my life to this man...I believe it was the day I accepted his invitation to go see "Cliffhanger" : )

I celebrate this day to remember my life with Jason when we were kids, teenagers and finally, when we could be considered adults... when we had nothing but dreams on the horizon and our infatuation worried our parents greatly...when we planned no further than the next time we saw each other. 

I celebrate the day we married for the moment we vowed that we would always be enough for one another...that we acknowledged being a "we" for life... for the moment I knew I had a partner in life...a partner I loved more than myself and who I knew was made specifically for me. 

So...No shame here for having two anniversaries.  In this particular situation, I like dwelling in the past : )

The more occasions we claim as being important...the more we realize how much we have to be appreciative for. 

How about you?  Do you still celebrate the day you went on your first date?... or the day you first met?...or the day you first realized you had found your soul mate?

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