Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Artist Spotlight: Laurent Chehere

I am in love with these photographs! French photographer Laurent Chehere's new series "Flying Houses"  was inspired by the homes in the Belleville and Menilmontant neighborhoods in Paris.  The signs of everyday life- clotheslines, string lights, graffiti, satellite dishes, etc. add to the whimsy and wonder within these images.  The photographs' combination of "Up" imagery with non-idyllic homes calls forth a feeling of escapism and a bit of voyeurism.  LOVE it! 

"Flying Houses" will be on display at the Galerie Paris-Beijing from October 25th through December 4th, 2012. 

(all images via Trendland)


  1. Wow. LOVE. Thank you for sharing. And, also for the blog love. xx

    1. Thanks for stopping in Imen : ) and I do have true and lasting love for your blog!