Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here is my question: Are you political?

From the children's book "Political Circus" by Brian Ajhar

I acknowledge the fact that to maintain friendships and to live in a safe and fairly happy environment, one should avoid discussing two things during everyday conversations - religion and politics.  And by no means should one combine the two, unless you love confrontation and tense surroundings. 

But here I am, living in a city hosting the 2012 Democratic National Convention...and I find myself breaking one of my own rules. 

When I started this blog, I wanted to highlight all of the things that inspire me on a daily basis, and I have to say that to not write about this event taking place in our city, would not be sharing every inspiration.  Whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, Libertarian, Socialist or possibly find yourself in the "fed up with all thing political" party, I daresay it would be impossible to maintain ambivalence in this city in the next four days. 

Having a convention so close at hand is inspirational- whether you are inspired to brave the crowds to show support for the President and be inspired once more...or you are inspired to pick up a sign and protest everything you find abhorrent about the current administration... I say, at least be inspired. 

We live in a country that both of these options are encouraged and respected.  I want to be in an environment full of people expressing everything that I LOVE about this country- freedom of speech, freedom to assemble peacefully, freedom to express your support AND your dissent.

I am excited.  How better to see a glimpse of the passion that created the greatest democracy in the world than to see people with a full spectrum of ideas gathering in one place to have their voices heard- whether they are speaking from a podium, or shouting into a bullhorn in the street?  I expect it to be electric...and inspiring. 

I don't see another National Convention coming to Charlotte...at least in my lifetime.  Another first, but not the last of experiences to be inspired by. 

***I would love to hear from any Charlotteans or Tampa-ians (?) about your experiences at the DNC or RNC this year.  What inspirations did you draw from your experience?

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