Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Introduction to the "Garage Girls"

Two years ago, I, along with three other women, went through a Crossfit boot camp.  At the end of those six weeks, I had fallen absolutely in love with circuit training.  I had never felt stronger or more confident in my life.  I wanted to keep going with all I had learned, so Jason helped me convert our garage into a gym.

We covered the floor with exercise mats, hung a pull-up bar, built a box jump that could be converted from 18" to 24"...and the "Garage Girls" were born.

The friends who had gone through the boot camp with me, started working out of my garage three times a week.  We carried on for a while, and then schedules changed and we went our separate ways.  

Well, today starts the beginning of a two month strength booster I am doing in preparation for our beach trip at the end of the summer.  A couple of the garage girls are coming back for some rewarding pain : )

I am planning on posting a workout every Monday, Wednesday and Friday that you can feel free to do along with us.  No will find no sports bra or biker short pictures here, but I am going to post "before" and "after" pictures as we go and I will share if there were any inches lost.

I would love you along for the ride.  Most of the workouts will take less than 45 minutes including the warm-up.

Today's workout will be a benchmark workout to set a baseline.  In a month, we will do the same workout to see how much we have improved.

    Warm-up:  50 jumping jacks

    Workout: Timed (3 rounds)

   1st - 8 of each box jumps*, air squats and sit-ups, run 400m
   2nd - 10 of each box jumps, air squats and sit-ups, run 400m
   3rd - 12 of each box jumps, air squats and sit-ups, run 400m
   Also:  record the # of air squats you can do in one min., # of sit-ups in one min. and # of push-ups in one min.

This workout should take you around 15 minutes.  Remember to record your time and numbers for the comparison.

Good luck : )

* box jumps can be done anywhere and off of anything such as a step, a curb, etc. I have a step box that I bought at Lowe's like this one.

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