Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Design inspiration: Rustic Simplicity

I love it when there are moments that make me completely rethink my design aesthetic.  I came across this group of photos today on formelle.tumblr.com , and my eyes have been opened to a whole new world of possibilities.

What I love: 

  • the rustic simplicity with a hint of modern design
  • the combination of natural woods, stainless steel and heavily worn leather
  • organized clutter amid a neutral color palette 
  • absolute versatility- this design aesthetic can be warmed up and cooled down depending on the weather and your mood.  I LOVE that!

I love my house in the Fall and Winter because all of the main living areas are filled with warm and inviting colors.  But, when Spring rolls around, I feel hot and almost suffocated.  I want to rip away the drapes and remove all clutter throughout the house...and I seriously consider repainting the entire downstairs.  I never voice these desires...because...Jason would seriously doubt my sanity : )

I don't know...I may have to begin a slow transition...one that Jason doesn't even realize is happening.  The man did overlook a 9 foot ficus in our family room for 3 months : )

(all photos courtesy of formelle.tumblr.com)

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