Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A day in Asheville: The Biltmore house

Our family finished up Father's Day weekend with a beautiful drive through the NC mountains to Asheville- the home of the Biltmore House.  I grew up going to the Biltmore House but, the girls had never been.  It was a wonderful 75 degrees with a cool breeze.   A perfect day and a perfect way to end Father's Day weekend.

Here are the highlights:

{ the walk from the car followed many gravel paths }

{ the hillsides were filled with ferns... }

{ ...and rhododendrons }

{ Ava and her twinkly eyes was super excited }

{ Finally, we came to a wall covered with vines and fountains }

{ Walk through the gates and there she is - the Biltmore House, fondly called America's castle }

{ Courtyard - there is a coffee shop, several small stores and the Stable Cafe which is located in the converted stables}

No pictures are allowed inside the house, but it is amazing.  My favorite part of the house has always been the basement where the indoor pool, bowling alley, kitchens and servants quarters' are located. 

{ One of the many beautiful statues lining the gardens' walkways }

{ the view from the back of the house }

{ The walled formal garden and conservatory }

{ a huge variety of roses in the rose garden }

{ the perfect climbing tree that we literally had to hold the girls' back from }

{ the drive from the house to the vineyard was beautiful }

We drove to the Antler Village and decided to have lunch before going to the vineyard and farm.

{ Cedric's Tavern - restaurant at the new Antler Village located near the vineyard and farm }

{ absolutely the most distinctive hard cider I have ever had - tasted like a hard cider and apple brandy mixed together.  Very, very good. }

{ my little munchkin : )  }

{ pretzel bites served with horseradish mustard seed butter }

{ the best reuben I have ever had - the absolutely freshest ingredients }

{ After lunch, we headed to the farm where the girls got to see and interact with the animals }

{ Chester- a huge and very sweet Draught horse }

{ this little guy wouldn't stop trying to eat my camera bag }

{ after the farm, the sun was beginning to fade, so we loaded up the girls and headed home }

It was a wonderful day.  The girls had a great time and it turned out to be a very memorable Father's Day for Jason.

The Biltmore House is running a special through the summer- all kids get in free with the purchase of an adult ticket.  If you have a chance, you should try and visit.

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