Friday, June 29, 2012

Garage Girls: Workout #5


Today, we are going to do a workout called "Griff".  The first time I did "Griff", I thought "No problem.  I am going to be done in no time" Not so much.  I don't believe most people in their lives, find a need to run 400m backwards (twice), but if you ever have the need in the future,  you will be prepared to do so : )


     25 meters high knees
     25 meters butt kicks
     25 meters grapevine
     25 meters lateral

     "Griff " - (for time)

     Run 800 meters
     Run 400 meters backwards
     Run 800 meters
     Run 400 meters backwards

I do this workout at a local school track.  It is the perfect place- you need not worry that you will trip on anything while running backwards.

Have fun : )

The 104 degree temp and the fire ant attack on my 4 year old put a damper on the workout today.  Going to try again tomorrow morning...early, early in the morning.

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