Thursday, June 14, 2012

Artist Spotlight: "Murmuration" by Islands & Rivers

My mother, the biology teacher, sent this video to me today, and I was absolutely gobsmacked.

Yes...I said gobsmacked...

( gobsmacked [ˈgɒbˌsmækt]adj Brit slang astounded; astonished )

...which seems appropriate, since this beautiful piece of film was made by Islands & Rivers - two independent filmmakers named Sophie and Liberty who are based in London.

Everything about this video is inspiring! I find it amazing and very fortuitous that two lovely filmmakers would be in the right place at exactly the right moment when one of the rarest and most beautiful acts of nature could be caught on film.  Lucky for them...and very lucky for us : )

Islands & Rivers have a collection of beautiful short films that you can see here.

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