Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer fun for the kids...

Ava's last day of school is tomorrow.  That means 3 months of summer fun begins...and my creative mom skills are going to be severely tested.  I have been on a hunt for fun and memorable activities to do with my girls.

Here are a few of my favorites: 

Cork Stamps -  I love this idea! With a few different colors of ink pads and some corks- who doesn't have a few of those lying around : ) can have loads of fun.  Similar to thumbprint art, but not as messy.  Martha can tell you all about it.


Potted Chocolate-Mint Puddings -  Have you seen anything this cute?  I can already see the excitement on the girls' faces when they see the mini potted plants I am expecting them to eat.  Actually, I may try this tomorrow.  Go here for complete instructions.

Tire Swing-  Timeless, classic fun.  Jason and I have wanted to make a tire swing for the girls...maybe this summer it will happen.  I loved tire swings when I was growing up.  I love them still.  In fact, I will probably be on it as much as Ava and Isabella.

Rainbow Orange Wedges - This looks like it would take a lot of work, but the instructions are very simple.  Quick-dishtablespoon takes you through it step by step.  It makes me smile just looking at them. 

Glow Stick Lantern - My girls LOVE fairies! When Ava saw this picture, she asked how they were able to catch a fairy.  Immediately, I knew we had to make this together.  Check out lilblueboo for all the instructions.

Water Balloon Pinata -  When running through the sprinkler no longer seems exciting...string up some water balloons and let the kids go to town.  Make sure to not fill them up completely or all of the fun will be over too quickly.  Go to ziggityzoom for all the instructions.

Ring Bound Travel books - I have been trying to think of some way the girls could remember and document the trips we take together.  I love the idea of making a ring book of papers that will inspire them to record what they see and do while we are away.  Consider making pages out of maps, or scrapbook paper printed with some activities you will be doing.  The possibilities are endless.  Go here to see another way to remember important family moments. 

Watermelon Pie -  For me, summer is synonymous with watermelon.  When I saw this watermelon pie, I knew I had to make it.  It looks as refreshing as the real thing...maybe a little sweeter though : )   Makesandtakes has a great recipe for it.

I would love to hear what ideas you have for keeping your little ones occupied this summer.

Have a great summer!

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