Thursday, January 3, 2013

Have you seen this?....Zombie interrupts engagement photo shoot I have written about my liking for zombies...on more than one occasion.  When I came across this ingenious photo shoot by Amanda Rynda, I had to share it.  We have all seen our fair share of engagement photos, but I dare say we have never seen one like this.  The typical setting is there- sunny field with picnic blanket...the couple cuddled up together sharing an intimate moment.  Where things become a little weird...and absolutely with the zombie sneaking up behind them.  Amanda Rynda was able to capture the completely unique and fun-loving personalities of this couple.  I LOVE people who don't take themselves too seriously and I LOVE photographers who are willing to think outside of the box!  Brilliant!

Check out Amanda Rynda Photography's site here to see more on the back-story of this amazing couple.

(all images are via the amazing Amanda Rynda Photography)

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