Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Taped faces by Wes Naman

Ok.  So, this is a bit different and it definitely stretches the concept of art being wholly subjective and not being required to be pleasing to the eyes.  That being said...who among us has not put scotch tape on their faces at some point in their lives? Usually the practice is reserved for immature kids, but photographer Wes Naman, asked a few of his friends to tape their faces and then try to remove it by only moving their faces around.  And this series Taped Faces is the result.  I LOVE them.  Obviously...not because they are attractive photos...or because they make me think of something in a completely different way...but because...sometimes, it is better to laugh and not think at all...just for a moment. 

( all photos via Incredible Things )

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