Monday, January 7, 2013

Artist Spotlight: Michal Trpák

Michal Trpák's newest art installation, Slight Uncertainty, causes just that... uncertainty.  Dozens of these concrete-looking figures are hanging/ floating in the EBC office Center in Prague.  There is something unsettling about these morose figures dressed in suits with briefcases being lifted away by these fragile looking umbrellas. All of the figures' arms are fully extended and some look to be barely holding on to the handles of their umbrellas.  It looks as if at any moment, pedestrians could be rained down upon by these cement people.   What the artist knows, but audience does not, is that each figure is made of polyester and are painted to look like cement.  I would love...maybe not the right experience Slight Uncertainty in person!

(all photos via Colossal)

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