Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Saturday Song...

You know that feeling...when you have put away the last of the Christmas decorations...the tree, which is inevitably crispy at this point, is on the curb...all the boxes are up in the attic...and your home has been returned to what can only be called neutral?

Usually, I mourn the passing of all that is hectic...and vibrant...and joyful...but not this year.  On Monday morning, I turned in a circle and realized how simple my surroundings were and I felt relieved.  Truly like a weight had been lifted.  At that moment, I think I would have been happy to have an empty house.

I took it as a sign and I began to purge...and clean...and finish.  Finish all the ideas that I had stopped working on at many different stages.  I am flying high on New Year's resolutions and my ability to keep them going for a full week : )

Here's to a weekend that continues these pursuits...and to hoping I can avoid disappointing myself for a little while longer : )

Here is a song for your Saturday...

Have a great weekend!

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