Friday, January 11, 2013

The Friday Five...

Have you ever had one of those weeks- you're cruisin' along, feeling soooo're actually thinking "This is crazy! This week is amazing!!!"...and then you take your car into the shop to figure out why it's making such a "weird" noise, and after waiting almost 2 hours, the mechanic comes and tells you that your car is literally "unsafe" to drive and you will need to sign over an exorbitant amount of money before you get back into your car...and then your week comes to a screeching halt..and you exclaim "Oh!!! OK!!!!! So this is what you were building me up for?!?!?  THANKS A LOT!!!!"  And then you get into your "loaner" car and drive without thinking...arriving at the only place that could possibly make you feel better... anthropologie.  OK, so I usually do not indulge in retail therapy, but when there has been a gift card waiting for the perfect opportunity to brighten your day...who am I to say no?

So here it five...which were very bright points of my week...a week that was much brighter a few hours ago.  C'est la vie : )

{ Something about colorful, striped tape makes something you bought yourself seem more like a gift }

{ Fell in love with this quote...says everything about what love should be }

{ Looking forward to wearing one of these colorful hair ties- even an everyday pony tail will seem worthy of a party }

{ I could not resist these measuring spoons...LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! }

{ Finally...I have framed and hung our first family portrait.  It now has the perfect home in our home : )  }

 What are Your Five?

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  1. Lovely.
    Sometimes little happiness is closer than we imagine.
    I agree with your five :)

    1. Thank you : ) So true. Small moments are often the most important.