Wednesday, January 16, 2013

DIY: Faux Roman shade

I have been looking for a Roman shade for my kitchen window for ages.  I was running into many different problems including- not finding the size I needed (my window is not a standard size), not finding the pattern I wanted (had to have a modern, graphic pattern) and I was absolutely unwilling to spend $200 having one made, when the window is relatively small and I did not need a shade for privacy (we have a privacy fence surrounding our entire backyard).  I was losing hope when I came upon the idea of a faux Roman shade here.  I was instantly sold.  I can tell you this project was sooooo simple and inexpensive.  With all Roman shades being made cordless now, it is virtually impossible to tell that this faux shade is not functional.  I LOVE it!

Here is how you do it-

You will need:

fabric you love and a matching thread
sewing machine
3 small tension rods that fit within your window frame


1. Find a fabric that you LOVE.  I chose this modern graphic fabricl from IKEA.  It was only $7.99 a yard!  I love the bright pops of orange against the background of multiple shades of grey and black.  I needed a yard-and-a-half of fabric for my window.

2. Pin and sew a 1" hem on both sides.  You want your fabric to fit exactly within the window frame.

3. Fold over 2" at the top of the fabric and sew a pocket.  Sew a 1" hem on the bottom of the fabric panel.  I made the length of my shade match the height of the window. 

4. At this point, slide the first tension rod through the pocket and place it within the window frame, making sure it is level.  

5. Add the other two tension rods to the window frame leaving 1" between each rod.

6. Pull the fabric in front of the second rod and drape it down.  Once you have it at the length you want it to be, do the same thing with the third rod.  Have the bottom drape come down about 2" below the first dape.  The bottom of the fabric should come down 2" below the second drape.

...and you are done.  Simple, right? 

For under $20 I have the Roman shade I really wanted...faux or not : )

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