Monday, December 10, 2012

5 Have to Try Holiday Drinks...

{ Home-made Irish Cream }

The first taste of alcohol I ever had was Bailey's Irish Cream...a stolen sip when I was a little girl.  I loved it then...and I LOVE it still.  I have not made it from scratch before though ...something, I will rectify this holiday season.  Ashley English of Design Sponge shared her recipe for home-made Irish Cream here

{ Warm Pear Cider }

Apple cider is a favorite of my family, but I have been wanting to try a new adult twist on this family friendly drink.  When I saw this Warm Pear Cider recipe from MuyBueno,  I knew I had to try it. 

{ Home-made Egg Nog }

Egg Nog...a traditional drink that has become synonymous with the holidays.  As soon as the weather turns a little cool...and the leaves begin to fall from the trees...Jason begins to ask me if the grocery store is selling egg nog yet.  You will find some in our fridge at any given moment during the holidays, even though I never buy it.  So, this year, I may treat Jason to some of the real stuff.  Katie from Epicurean Mom has a wonderful egg nog recipe you can find here.

{ 3 different Champagne Cocktails}

The champagne cocktail...we have all had one.  What I LOVE about them is how easy it is to mix them up.  Liz from Apartment Therapy has 3 great recipes you can find here- Pear Cranberry Champagne, Spiced Citrus Champagne and Pomegranate-Ginger Champagne.  So whether you make one, or all three, you will be ready for your next holiday get-together...or Friday evening watching girly movies marathon. 

{ Puerto Rican Coquito }

Sometimes, I will look at a list of ingredients, and I will want to try a recipe before I know what is that is being made.  That is exactly what happened when I saw the ingredient list for this Coquito.  Coconut milk, nutmeg, rum, cinnamon.... Seriously...was there any question? Yadsia from Shop.Cook.Make has hit a home run I think.

Now...which one do I make first?

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