Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Here is my question: Do you laugh when someone falls down?


The other day, I completely got off balance and fell into my bedside table.  My bum took most of the hit, and I knew instantly that I was going to have a huge bruise.  As I was rolling around on the bed moaning, Jason was laughing...hard.  This is what happens every time I fall, trip, take a mis-step , etc....I wish I could say it happens very rarely... but I can not.

Maybe because I am the one who is usually doing the falling, I do not laugh when people fall.  I instantly think "Oh, that poor person.  I wonder if they are ok".  Needless to say, Jason does the opposite. I was rolling around on the bed moaning, Jason thought it was a good time to reminisce about the time I fell down the stairs..."Hey, you remember when you fell down the stairs and broke your were making that same face...See you WERE laughing".  To which I said " Jason this is not a laughing face...this is a grimace of pain."  To be fair, I can see how he could confuse the two...they looks so similar (sarcasm intended).

I do like to give him a hard time about laughing at me when, it turned out, I had broken a bone... a bone that could not be located in a more uncomfortable place.  And I know that he would never laugh if he actually thought I was hurt, but just as my first reaction is embarrassment and the hope that no one saw me, his is to laugh.

The difference is that people who laugh at you, would probably laugh when they fell themselves.  Maybe the ones who don't laugh are the ones who take themselves and life too seriously.  I know I have been guilty of that on many an occasion.  I do not tell him this, because I love giving him a hard time as much as I think he looks forward to another exhibit of clumsiness on my part. My many displays of ineptness and his coinciding laughter have become these moments that we love to reminisce about.  I do the re-telling in the hopes of shaming him for his callousness towards his wife's pain, and he laughs harder than he did when the event actually happened.

Jason has made me not mind being clumsy.  And he has taught me one of the most valuable lessons I have ever learned- You have to be able to laugh at yourself.

So, here is my question: Do you laugh when people fall? Do you laugh when you fall?
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