Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY Holiday Gifts: His and Hers mugs

The search is on for the perfect gift for the holidays. One of the reasons I LOVE giving gifts I have made, is that I can personalize them to match the person I am giving the gift to.  The options are limitless with this DIY gift.

These personalized His and Hers mugs are incredibly easy to make.  All you need is a couple white mugs and a black and red Sharpie oil-based paint pen.  

Moustache and Lips mug set

 Wash the mugs and thoroughly dry them before you begin.

I began by looking for some inspiration images- here are a couple that I was considering 

Ultimately, I free-handed them, which made them not be completely uniform, but I kinda like it that way.  First, the moustache...

...then the lips.

Once the paint had dried, I went back and drew a line through the lips to give them some definition.

And then they were done : )

Green Tea and Strong Coffee mug set

The next mug set I made is one I saw on A Beautiful Mess which you can find here.  Jason has been on a green tea kick lately...and I am absolutely a coffee gal...so it seemed appropriate : )

Since you are writing words with a permanent pen, you will want to practice the script you want to use.  If you are anything like me, I don't want the normal way I write to be on display on my coffee mug.  

When I was sure of how I wanted the script to look, and I had practiced with the paint pen, I started to write. 

 A green tea mug for him...

 ...and a strong coffee mug for me.

When you give the mugs as gifts, make sure to write on the card, that the mugs will need to be hand-washed.  The paint will come off if washed in the dishwasher.  I have gently washed mine several times since making them, and the paint is holding up very well. 

These are just a couple ideas for personalized mugs...there are so many things you can do. Be creative and always keep your loved one in mind when choosing what you want the mugs to say. Pair them with some great coffee, hot chocolate or whatever drink they would prefer, and you have a very nice and very personal gift.

* Check out some more DIY holiday gifts here.

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  1. An amazing and simple gift to make and give. Two thumbs up for that incredible art!

  2. so beautiful, thank you for idea :)

  3. I love these... its exactly what I've been looking for!!
    Are any Sharpies ok or does it have to be a specfic one?
    Also once dry are the designs dishwasher proof?